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"Park Hill Residence" complex

"Park Hill Residence" Complex

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Favvaralar street

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1 corpus

7 floor

90 apartment

9 block

Park Hill's club atmosphere

Park Hill is a unique residential club format for Baku, distinguished not only by the small number of apartments, but also by the unified social environment. In order to learn all the wishes and desires of residents and create the most comfortable living conditions for them, the developer holds individual meetings with each buyer. A single social level, similar interests and lifestyle will unite the families in the living club and create an atmosphere of comfort, security and good neighborliness.

First class accommodation

Residents of the Park Hill club house will be provided with a concierge service at the level of a 5-star hotel, working 24 hours a day. Careful staff will provide 21st century daily necessities such as delivery, dry cleaning, theater and movie tickets, restaurant reservations, driver calls, and many other daily services. A professional management company will ensure the operation of the complex and achieve maximum comfort in life here. The management company's responsibilities include full control over the condition of the building, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of engineering systems, networks and equipment, maintaining order and order in the rooms and surrounding areas, and providing a range of services to residential club residents.

Landscaped indoor area

In the very center of the residential club there is a children's playground and an adult recreation area. In the evenings, the area is illuminated with decorative lamps that complement the atmosphere of comfort and coziness.


  • Modern front covered with ceramic tiles
  • 60% of the 0.86 NA area of the complex has been allocated for landscaping
  • Spacious playground.
  • Fitness center for residents only
  • Parking for bicycles
  • Comfortable elevators with a lifting capacity of up to 1 ton from leading European manufacturers
  • Marble staircases and stairwells
  • The height of the ceiling is 3.3 m
  • Water tank with 2-day supply
  • Gas supply for individual heating system
  • Digital TV, internet and telephone systems
  • Fire safety system

Houses of complex

3 room, 125 m²

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3 room, 128 m²

Təmirsiz mənzil.

4 room, 180 m²

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4 room, 202 m²

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4 room, 207 m²

Təmirsiz mənzil.

5 room, 206 m²

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5 room, 279 m²

Təmirsiz mənzil.